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How to Top Up via Instant Top Up in Winbox

  1. Log in Winbox
  2. Click “Top Up Button”
  3. Click “Instant Top Up”
  4. Select the bank you want to use
  5. Enter your amount
  6. Enter your bank UserID and Password, and click “Login”
  7. Enter OTP number, and click “Proceed”
  8. If the page does not update in 5 seconds, then click “Here”
  9. Instant Top Up succeeded

How to Top Up via bank transfer in Winbox

  1. Log in Winbox
  2. Click “Me”
  3. Click “Top up”
  4. Click “Bank Transfer”
  5. Choose a bank that is convenient for you to deposit or transfer. Please take note if you choose this bank, the back account will be tied to your Winbox account and cannot be changed immediately.
  6. Tick the read to agree, and click “Next”
  7. Fill in the recharge amount, and click “Submit”
  8. Click “+” to upload a cash deposit or transfer document, and click “Submit”


How to Withdraw in Winbox

  1. Log in Winbox
  2. Click “Me”
  3. Click “Withdraw”
  4. Select “Withdraw”, and click “OK”
  5. Choose your bank
  6. Enter your account number, and click “Next”
  7. Enter your phone number, and click “Request OTP”
  8. Enter OTP number that received in your phone, and click “OK”
  9. Enter the amount, and click “Submit”
  10. Enter your payment password
  11. Scene has been submitted successfully. Your request is processing, please wait patiently